November 18, 2008

... A 5$ Shower, Nudie Girl Happy Hour, Truck Driving SOB...

Band: Deadbolt
Album: Voodoo Trucker
Origin: U.S.A. (San Diego, California)
Genre: Psychobilly, Surf
Year: 1999

Great release from the self proclaimed "Scariest band in the world."
The unsavory band of cuthroats have stowed away on a tramp steamer leaving the tiki-zulu death masks on the dark continent behind for the swamps and the endless highways of route 666.

If you are already a Deadbolt fan, expect more of the dry sense of humor these guys are famous for. Twangy rockabilly surf sound(heavy on the reverb), with a heavy pounding bass and spoken vocals that remind me of Johnny Cash gone voodoo.


renrats said...

Thanks, sounds good.

The Whale said...

It is!

RyGar said...

Hey, I started a blog of my own today. Added a link to the Whale. Stop by sometime and check it out. Thanks.