October 22, 2008

Danger! High Voltage!

Just found out a new Boris record is coming out. It's going to be a live from their last tour. BORIS "SMILE" -Live at Wolf Creek 2xcd.

BORIS "SMILE" -Live at Wolf Creek- 2CD
2008/11/21 Release
DYMC-173 3,000yen(Tax in)
Daymare Recordings/DIWPHALANX Records
Mail Order (Overseas) to Inoxia records

That is what I have found until now. More info here (if you can read/understand japanese).


Anonymous said...

that is great news!!

TheChiefCommie said...

Is it called Frown?

The Whale said...

Hahahaha, that would be awesome and funny!

Anonymous said...

Any link yet? Thank you.

Great blog, I visit everyday.

The Whale said...

Nope, no new link, but I want to hear it so badly!

I'm glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

here's the tracklist
11 is untitled
1.・Sun flower rain・
5. Message
6. Floor Shaker
7. When the start of the rainbow
8. Next Saturn
9. Dead ahead
10. You were holding an umbrella

The Whale said...

I think 7 is just Rainbow. Why the anonymous if I can ask?

Mc-Q-n said...

I posted the track list. I was too lazy to sign in at the time. I just used the translation tool to get the info and it came out as that.