September 11, 2008

The Unavoidable Forces Of Chaos And Entropy.

Band: Sardonis
Album: s/t 7"
Origin: Belgium
Genre: Doom
Year: 2008

I recieved this promo from Electric Earth Records and I must say that I couldn't be happier.
This label has already brought us some great releases. First there was the now already famous Black Pyramid 7". After that came the 10" 'Mysterious Views In Stone Garden' by classic japanese doom band Eternal Elysium.

This is the labels third release and it's as heavy and rocking as the first two.
Normally I'm sceptical about two piece bands. A lot of the times they just lack the bass they decided to leave behind. But Sardonis proves to be a great antidote to that with their monolithic sound. First song Nero D'Abola is a fine piece of down tempo doom which reminds me of Saint Vitus. Next song is Skullcrusher A.D. This one starts with an eerie intro but explodes in to a song of epic proportions that makes godzilla look like a wuss. Third song is MOR. This one really kicks you in the face, starting out fast after which it evolves to some nice slow pounding riffing and drumming. Last but not least is Sick Horses. It Follows the same strategy as MOR (going fast, slow, fast) and makes a perfect closer to this 7". I'm already looking out for their first full lenght (it will be released in the fall of 2009 on Electric Earth Records).

Be quick to buy, this slab of doom heaviness is limited to 250 copies (200 black, 50 white).

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