September 27, 2008

Ain't Felt This Good For An Hour...

Band: Hawkwind
Album: Warrior On The Edge Of Time
Origin: Great Britain (London)
Genre: Space Rock
Year: 1975

Hawkwind's fifth album. It's the last one Lemmy played on and it includes the classic song Motörhead (hawkwinds version starring some crazy violin playing!). The Line-up for this album was short-lived. Lemmy 'left' at the end of the year and Robert Calvert had rejoined the band. This one is a classic if you like Hawkwind and/or Space Rock. Enjoy!


Charles D. Ward said...

Great band, and this is one of my favourite albums! For some good new space rock, check out the La Ira de Dios album on my site, you'll like it.

RyGar said...

I do like Hawkwind, how'd you know? It's not a band I listen to that often, because 18 years of punk and metal have ruined my attention span. But some bands just knew they were making albums that would be awesome to listen to stoned. And why not? All the truest things in life are the cliche's. Thanks.

ksn said...

thanks, whale, much obliged!

cheers from NYC,