August 12, 2008

The Southern Militia

Band: Southern Voodoo
Album: Devil's Drive
Origin: Belgium
Genre: Southern Rock
Year: 2007

In 2001, from the depths of my own hometown, Ghent, 4 egomaniacs tried to assemble a rancid rock'n'roll band that would reflect their love for sleaze, mayhem and everything that's rock'n'roll, but all just a little dirtier.
Led by Do(minique) De Vos, Southern Voodoo started on what they thought was a demo, but 'Love Militia' turned out to be their first album. The gritty riffs and sneering solo's accompanied by lyrics about the things Do loves best, dark and kinky sex. If one of those words speak to you ( and I'm certain they do ), then Southern Voodoo should suit you best.
After their first CD the positive reviews were piling up and in february 2007 they released a second album, Devil's Drive. The petrol guzzling bus through hell was back and this time driven by the best damn busdriver from Sweden : Chips Kiesbye ( The Hellacopters, Dozer, ... ).
So here is this second album for you to enjoy, and to finish this post a review from Rock Tribune :
One thing should be clear: Southern Voodoo rocks like a solid boob and that in the end is all what matters to us.

"In your eye"

-The Electric Eel-

Southern Voodoo - Devil's Drive

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