August 23, 2008

Mmmmm, hot sausage !

Band: Ten Benson
Album: Danger Of Deaf
Origin: U.K. (London)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2003

This is the last album to be released by Ten Benson, a band of 'psychedelic hillbillies' that was formed by Chris Teckkam in 1997. Their first releases saw them described as a "geeky gaggle of quirk-rock experimentalists", but their last album, being a re-take of their own favorite songs, is a lot heavier and rawer, and thus my favorite.
With the band being compared to bands like Tenacious D for the comedy in the lyrics and, as described in a review, like "ZZ Top in bed with The Strokes", I just had to listen to them. And I saw it was awesome. The sleazyness of the sound really dripped of the riffs from songs like Tits and Stern and that's what The Eel likes best.
They had quite a lot of changes in the line-up, actually besides Hawkwind, the most I've ever heard of. ( Changes in Line-up )
I've never seen them live, but they say this album is getting close to the experience. So I hope you all enjoy this album with cue songs about tits, war and Christmas, sung with abandonment like a junkie in a stairwell.

"In your eye"

-The Electric Eel-

Ten Benson - Danger Of Deaf

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