August 31, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front.

Been a while, but I still have exams. In the meanwhile I'll post this:

Band: Current 93/Om
Album: Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)
Origin: Great Britain/U.S.A. (California)
Genre: Doom, Experimental, Stoner Rock
Year: 2006

Somewhat of an unlikely pairing brings psychedelic sludge titans and ex-Sleep rhythm section Om sharing a split with David Tibet's legendary neo-folk project, Current 93. Om weighs in with an uncharacteristically upbeat track that had me wondering I was playing it at the wrong speed before the instantly recognizable vocals of Cisneros kick in. The Current 93 side brings more off Tibet's trademarked off-kilter and quirky, yet undeniably dark, atmospheric neo-folk with an experimental bent that has been his bread and butter since the early 80s, which when presented with Om's heaviness makes a nice listen for a dreary day. (


RobixXx said...

I'll certainly check out this split. Thanx!

k9lyn said...

hmm...OM...upbeat,sounds like a wierd but interesting combination,i'm gonna check it out too.