July 06, 2008

Well You Can Make My Teeth Grind...

Band: Melvins
Album: Joe Preston (EP)
Origin: U.S.A.
Genre: Drone, Experimental
Year: 1992

Last one from the solo albums. This one contains some nice droning, as to be expected from Joe Preston. First track (The Eagles Has Landed) looks like just some samples. Second track (Bricklebrit) is the most accessible track, being very sludgy. The masterpiece of this album is Hands First Flower. This is 23 minutes of droning heaven which fans of Earth and Sunn o))) will like.


k9lyn said...

nice...these three eps are cool...Dale Crover's is more like clasic grunge style,King Buzzo's is more noise and Joe Preston's is drone.

The Whale said...

yeah, but buzzo is also a bit metal, it's funny because these solos really represent the melvins, grunge, hard rock, metal, noise, drone, etc