July 23, 2008

Kicked out of Hell cos they were too bad

Band: Demented Are Go
Album: Satans Rejects
Origin: Great Britain
Genre: Psychobilly
Year: 1999

Wales, 1982, more specifically Cardiff. That's where the Horror was born that is known as Demented Are Go ( DAG). One of the first few bands that embraced the combination of punk and rockabilly music, they followed a few years after The Meteors. The music DAG played was just a little different than the first wave of psychobands, they were 'dirtier'. And with their debut album In Sickness & In Health they inspired the later bands like Mad Sin and Nekromantix. They mostly toured Europe as it seemed that psychobilly wasn't getting any attention in the States.

Only after Reverend Horton Heat had a hit with Psychobilly Freakout in 1990, the horror-influenced psychobilly started to get popular in the States. This made the fanbase of DAG grow bigger and bigger, because punk-rock was still popular in the States.

DAG has experienced many line-up changes and break-ups throughout the years, reasons going from different oppinions about their own music to the other band members, unable to pay the bail of 60.000$, leaving Sparky ( Frontman) behind in a prison in the US because he pinched a 16-year old girl's behind. But they have been up and touring again since 2005.

This album is a 'best of' and of course a good introduction into Demented Are Go. So I hope you enjoy it.

"In your -festering- eye"

-The Electric Eel-

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