July 02, 2008

Captain's Log 5064978132467

Band: The Revelaires
Album: In Orbit EP
Origin: Belgium
Genre: Surf
Year: 1999

In Orbit is a great surf record with lots of reverb, hot guitars and twang. It shows the bands love for sci-fi and western movies, with songs like 'Theme From Star Trek' and 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' on it. It's classic surf, like god intended it to be.


zillagord said...

I mosied on over here from the Swamp and I like what I see! It appears we share an affinity not for just heavy stuff but for instro surf as well. I am pumped to hear this!
Thanks for the post. I'll subscribe and see you again soon, here and at the Swamp.

The Whale said...

Thanks, I'm happy you like the stuff, see you soon.