June 22, 2008

Ride The Big One!

Band: El Ray
Album: Tick...Tick...Tick...
Origin: Denmark
Genre: Surf, Garage Rock
Year: 2004

This isn't one of those "let's sound just like Dick Dale" surf bands. They are obviously inspired by the likes of Dick Dale, The Ventures, etc. But they ride the big kahuna by mixing it up with influences from rock bands like the Pixies. This reverb soaked twang guitar gem is what Quintin Tarantino has been searching for all his live to use in every movie. They call their music Surf With A Twist, following their mantra: "Better steal from another genre than blindly follow the strict rules of surf music." These 11 high-octane tracks are just the perfect soundtrack for your next adventure into space, the pacific, or the desert.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! thank you!