June 20, 2008

Beyond Good And Evil...

Band: Earth, Sunn O)))
Album: Angel Coma 12" Split
Origin: U.S.A.
Genre: Drone, Experimental
Year: 2005

This is a split by Earth and Sunn o))) featuring material left out of the Hex and Black One sessions (though the Earth track later appeared on Hibernaculum). It was released on a tour by both bands limited to 2000 copies. It has a sort of evil/good theme on it. The split starts with Coma Mirror by Sunn O))). It's the evil side,ambient dark heavy drone with a good portion of distortion and feedback, like you could expect from such a band. The next song is A Plague Of Angels by Earth. This is the good side and it's the opposite of the Sunn O))) song. It's in the new style of Earth meaning drone, but in americana style. It's very beautiful, soft and gentle.

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