May 28, 2008

"Show Us Your Riffs!"

Band: Umor, Stonebride, Amygdala, Bastinado, Cojones
album: Sonic Doom Records Promo Sampler Vol. 1
origin: Croatia
genre: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Hard Rock
year: 2007

This is a compilation of five Croatian stoner bands released by Sonic Doom records. This is from their site:

Bits and pieces of Sonic Doom Records (SDR) can be traced at the beginning of 2007, when a group of people started to gather around an almost forgotten entity of music in our town: the riff. The place is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and time is irrelevant but definitely right. The first step was Sonic Doom evenings, held at a local rock club. If you played smoked up stoner rock, gloomy monolithic doom or sun-burned-and-left-to-die desert rock (and everything in between) this was the place to be. The word soon spread and these evenings quickly became the synonym for that kind of music in our town, then country, then further… Things evolved slowly but altitudes achieved were high. People were in hunger for more. Just to test how hungry they were, a promo sampler (named Sonic Doom sampler vol. 1) was released somewhere in 2007, featuring the most prominent bands of the scene. It was gone in a hit of a bong! The decision was made to go to the next level. As of early 2008, that level is known as Sonic Doom Records. With its first release, a split-cd featuring Cojones and Umor and a fistful of bass-high / treble-low shows around our country and Europe, Sonic Doom Records floats slowly to the centre of the Sun. Join us on this trip because from up here this pink nebula mist looks so damn trippy!

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